Mechanical Blacksmith

Company for the manufacture of iron founded in 1961 by Mr. Arnulfo Romano, mainly dealing with the construction of iron artefacts, such as railings, gates, fences, gates, windows with wrought iron elements and also manufacture iron structures of carpentry average -heavy design for clients.

Over the years were added to the company's two sons, who expanded the scope of the company, introducing the production of railings and retractable folding industrial doors, sectional doors, overhead doors, shutters, iron staircases, gates marking "CE", with the option of manual or motorized openings.

They have also created a line of industrial trucks for material handling, flexible in the pattern and size depending on the customer needs, in particular for the doors and windows and wooden doors and for the food industry (using stainless steel). The company operates mainly in neighboring regions: Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy, but does not preclude work in other place.