Our company sells and installs retractable doors of various models and with various customizations according to your personal tastes.

The surveys, on-site measurements and assembly of each product requested by Our technicians will run thus ensuring a comprehensive after-sales service.

The products are installed by us are ideal for closing stores, warehouses and other environments requiring protection, the operation is easy and lightweight and allows maximum passage of air and light inside.

These types of retractable gates were subjected to evaluation of intrusion resistance, EUROPEAN STANDARD ENV 1627-1 and certified CLASS 2.

The overall dimensions of the collection side not exceeding 25% of the total width with possibility to rotate at 90 or 180 ° on the wall or retractable inside the masonry, totally freeing from clutter the light passing through.

All this can be achieved with hot-dip galvanized steel Z200 UNI EN1042 or stainless steel AISI 316, if the request is painted with the paint system in thermosetting polyester powders OUTDOOR, UNI EN 29002 approved QUALICOAT CLASS 1, dried at oven to 200 ° in 25 standard colors.