Our company sells and installs railings extensible with a particular structure, applicable to doors and windows of any size. These railings are built with particular shapes and dual anti-friction ball bearings for sliding, allow a light and easy to maneuver and very silent.

Safety is guaranteed by the side uprights proof blocked interlocking sliding rails, thick squares for locking side locks with stakes profiles more locking points within protected from intrusion plate in steel, boccolatura internal reinforcement and special screws fixing hardened steel with solid stopper adapted to any type of wall surface.

All of these railings are made of galvanized steel with hot Sendzimir process Z.200 impervious to rust.

The galvanized coating applied to the surface, is made with the system of thermosetting polyester powder paints OUTDOOR, UNI-EN 29002, oven-dried at 190 ° in all RAL colors.